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Marbled Godwit in Flight.jpg Least Sandpiper.jpg Two Greater Yellowlegs II.jpg Marbled Godwit I.jpg Sanderling 14-1.jpg Semipalmated Sandpiper IV.jpg September - Juvenile Least Sandpiper.jpg Semipalmated Plover at.jpg Sanderling in Breeding Plumage.jpg Sanderlings on the Run.jpg Sanderling Foraging in Surf - Cape Canaveral Seashore II.jpg Semipalmated Plover VIII.jpg Semipalmated Plover III.jpg Semipalmated Plover II.jpg Semipalmated Plover VI.jpg Ruddy Turnstone I.jpg Ruddy Turnstone.jpg Black Oystercatcher Profile.jpg
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